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Case Study

The Brookside Neighborhood in Greenwood Village, Colorado, conducted the first "20 Is Plenty!" campaign in 2002. 

Prior to the start of the campaign, the average speed in the neighborhood was 26 MPH with 58% going over the speed limit. 
During the campaign, the average speed was reduced to 20 MPH and only 6% went over the speed limit. 
Two months after the campaign, the speeds were still down. In November, the average speed was 23 MPH with 19% going over the limit. 

Speed Data


Avg Speed 26 MPH 20 MPH 23 MPH
% Over the Limit 58% 6% 19%

What made this program a success? Without doubt, it was the participation  of the neighborhood. Almost 90% of the homes had a sign in the front yard. It was a powerful statement to drive by and see sign after sign, home after home, asking drivers to slow down in the neighborhood. 

The campaign was successful also because it had multiple facets. The yard signs were just part of the effort. The campaign included phone calls, letters and getting involvement of people from the start. 

If you would like to conduct a "20 Is Plenty!" or a "Go Slower" campaign in your neighborhood, contact me and I'll be glad to either assist you directly or put you in touch with others who might be able to assist.  


How Our Data
Was Collected

The Greenwood Village Police Dept has radar guns available for residents of the city to check out. Our data was collected using the radar guns while sitting in lawn chairs. For more information, contact the Police Administration office at 303-773-2525